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Project Management Tasks

This is a brief presentation of typical Project Management Tasks that are standard in European (ERASMUS+) projects. A project manager,  assisted by the team, is charged with multiple responsibilities that span the five classic project phases of a project life cycle (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing).

Typical activities of project managers are:

  • Drawing up schedules and flow charts
  • Time and budget planning
  • Risk analysis
  • Compilation and management of the project team
  • Preparation of reports and analyses
  • Controlling key project figures
  • Documentation of project results

The project team needs the guidance of the project manager. This person must have the necessary soft and other skills to do all these tasks positively.

What tools should a project manager have?

As a project manager, you should be proficient in common office programs. You should also have good knowledge of the internet.

Summary of tasks

As a project manager, you are responsible for the planning, implementation, acceptance, and follow-up of projects. Your job is to coordinate and delegate tasks and to act as a link between superiors and project staff. You always keep an eye on the big picture.


Further reading: The page “Project Manager” offers many articles dealing with project managers and their duties.


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