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Project Management Training

Here we offer training content to learn about project management. This content has been developed in the frame of the “Craft and SMEs VET-NET” Project (609100-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPKA3-VET-NETPAR). The material has been developed using the H5P Framework. This tool enables multimedia-based and interactive content.

Joint workspace

In today’s interconnected world, collaboration among partners in a project is essential for success. To facilitate efficient and seamless collaboration, it is crucial to plan and establish a joint workspace. One common approach is to create a web-based workspace that serves as a centralized hub… Read More »Joint workspace
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Kick-off meeting – failed

From my point of view, the Kick-off meeting is one of the crucial meetings in a project. It represents the first physical meeting of the project partners, enables them to get to know each other for the first time, and forms the basis on which… Read More »Kick-off meeting – failed
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Project Management Tasks

This is a brief presentation of typical Project Management Tasks that are standard in European (ERASMUS+) projects. A project manager,  assisted by the team, is charged with multiple responsibilities that span the five classic project phases of a project life cycle (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring,… Read More »Project Management Tasks
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Management Leadership

Actually, leadership simply means management. But that is no longer what the term means today. It is about true leadership and not about managing. Management vs Leadership Management means keeping an organization running; leadership, on the other hand, means changing it and involving others in… Read More »Management Leadership
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Lessons learned: General Issues

Lessons learned is a term that refers to the process of capturing, analyzing, and applying knowledge gained from experiences to improve future performance. It involves identifying valuable insights, best practices, and areas for improvement, and leveraging this knowledge to enhance decision-making and prevent the repetition… Read More »Lessons learned: General Issues
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Lessons Learned: Content Creation

Lessons learned focus on the feedback of a project team with the intention to improve it in the future. In typical Erasmus+ projects, the project team creates content named “Intellectual Outputs”. Starting with 2021, this changed to content created in Work Packages. Nevertheless, there is… Read More »Lessons Learned: Content Creation
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