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How to Fail in Project Management

In the last 10 years, the European Initiative for Education (EBI) was involved in numerous projects. Some of these were coordinated by the EBI, others by partners.

Of course, it is always a challenge to complete an innovation project with largely unknown partners. In these 10 years, we have had excellent experiences with excellent project managers, on the other hand, there have also been disastrous experiences, and two projects in recent years have stood out.
We have summarized the negative experiences as a collection of “Best Examples of Bad Practice” and present them here.
Of course, we also tried to give suggestions for improvement or the path of “good practice”.

All examples have been published in the blog – here is an overview.

Managing Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have become common in the last time. The impact was the COVID-19 pandemic that disabled face-to-face meetings in projects. In general, virtual meetings are meetings and should follow the standard process of implementing meetings. The essentials for meetings are a timely invitation, an… Read More »Managing Virtual Meetings
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Kick-off meeting – failed

From my point of view, the Kick-off meeting is one of the crucial meetings in a project. It represents the first physical meeting of the project partners, enables them to get to know each other for the first time, and forms the basis on which… Read More »Kick-off meeting – failed
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Lessons Learned

In many projects, the satisfaction of a positive project conclusion is so great that many partners forget about a “Lessons Learned” discussion. This is bad because the project partners miss the opportunity to improve and strengthen – mainly in project management. This analysis of the… Read More »Lessons Learned
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Meetings are important – more important might be the outcome of meetings. These meeting’s results are summarized and described in minutes. Here are some of the experiences we’ve had over the past few years. Useful hints to make it better Reading the issues mentioned above,… Read More »Minutes
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Failure in Project Management

Participating in many European projects at different level (from KA 1 up to KA 3) I had the opportunity to watch various project managers at work. In some projects I was the responsible project manager – in others I could watch the project manager in… Read More »Failure in Project Management
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