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About Meetings

Meetings are tools to discuss open issues, make decisions, get a status report, or to implement other important issues with the team in the project.


Meeting of the project group: Well-equipped with technology, technical issues are discussed and presented.

Watch this presentation and answer the self-assessment questions at the end.

Transcript of the videos


The preparation of the meeting is essential for effective and output-based meeting results.

  • Define meeting goals and desired results, clarify key points
  • Create preliminary planning of issues to be discussed
  • Establish a detailed schedule and agenda for the meeting
  • Send preparation material timely to the participants (and ask them to be well-prepared for the meeting)
  • Appoint a secretary to take notes
  • For the schedule, plan some extra time in the work plan
  • Start on time.
  • Recall the agenda and explain the objectives for the meeting.
  • If new partners are there, let them present themselves.
  • If necessary, explain the role of each participant.
  • Present the secretary taking notes (in preparation of the minutes).

Keep the schedule, moderate the session seriously (cut endless speakers, try to make democratic solutions, …)

  • Create minutes focusing on the agenda. Do not write novels – keep it down to short statements, discussion contributions, and done decisions
  • Care for a ToDo list reflecting the done decisions
  • Send the draft of the minutes to all participants, asking for approval.

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