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Failure in Project Management

Participating in many European projects at different level (from KA 1 up to KA 3) I had the opportunity to watch various project managers at work. In some projects I was the responsible project manager – in others I could watch the project manager in charge and thereby draw my conclusions. So I got a comprehensive presentation of different project managers and thei understanding of project management. Unfortunately, it turned out that some of them do not deserve the title “project manager”, while others did an excellent job.

Over the past 10 years I have been able to collect various examples that can be used as the “best examples of bad practice”. The motto is: There is nothing and nobody from whom you cannot learn something – even if it is a deterrent example.

Source: Pixabay, M W auf Pixabay

The next six postings will address these issues:

  1. Preparation of a meeting
    Do we really need an agenda?
  2. Minutes of a meeting
    Write as little as possible – who wants to know after a few months what has been discussed and agreed?
  3. Missing creativity methods
    A meeting is intended as a conversation between the partners to think about possible challenges.
  4. Annoying people during a meeting
    Why is it necessary to listen to questions, to understand the content and to give an adequate answer?
  5. Working plan of an “Intellectual Output” (IO or a work package)
    Is it really necessary to know the expected outcome at the begin of an IO?
  6. Cooperation
    How is it possible to work together “in distance”?

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