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Lessons Learned: Content Creation

Lessons learned focus on the feedback of a project team with the intention to improve it in the future. In typical Erasmus+ projects, the project team creates content named “Intellectual Outputs”. Starting with 2021, this changed to content created in Work Packages. Nevertheless, there is a creative process with some outcome. In this article, we summarize the feedback from several projects dealing with cooperative work to create some output.


Lessons learned are an important process at the end of the project. This approach enables improvements for future projects.


Content creation must be planned precisely (especially in jointly developed content). The use of specific frameworks is an efficient and promising approach. In some cases, storyboards can enhance by planning (in the future). Here is an example of well-done concepts to create content for Flipped Learning courses (DISK Project)

I want to highlight two statements here:

  • The project allowed staff to deal with different IT tools and ways of implementing content online.
    This means that partners could learn during the project and strengthen their technical knowledge and experience – this might be an added value to a project!
  • The process of content creation enabled most partners to increase their knowledge and skills using various (multimedia-based) tools. This was an added value for most people working on the project.
  • Partners were very open to sharing experiences and tools.
    This is a typical issue of trust – an essential element in European projects.

Experience of partners

Almost all partners were well-experienced in project organization and content creation. But there are differences in the content structure because of the different target groups (of various partners). So, it was a big challenge to homogenize the training style and provide uniform intellectual outputs that the course recipient can easily handle.

In the case described above, the initiative of partners that have a global project overview is essential and a promising way to implement the project.

Here is another interesting statement:

  • Nevertheless, an enormous transfer of knowledge, expertise, and experience took place between the participating organisations.
    This demonstrates good cooperation and partnership
  • All partners could learn something from other partners.
    This is one of the major intentions of Erasmus+ projects. Maybe the created content will not be used for several years – the knowledge and experience will last, finally.

Lessons learned, content creating analysis always makes sense and should be done in each project.

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