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Communication in Projects

Communication in project management involves the exchange of information between all project participants. Communication is a key function in project work. Effective and goal-oriented communication are the basic requirements for the successful completion of a project. Communication as a cornerstone in successful projects. In project management, three main areas of… Read More »Communication in Projects

About Meetings

Meetings are tools to discuss open issues, make decisions, get a status report, or to implement other important issues with the team in the project. Watch this presentation and answer the self-assessment questions at the end. Transcript of the videos Further reading Project meetings (Planview) Well-done compilation with a comprehensive… Read More »About Meetings

Project Closing

The last milestone was passed, the product is ready, the customers are satisfied – ok, that’s the end of the project. The end of the project does not mean the end of the related work in the project. If you want to finish seriously, there are some other steps waiting… Read More »Project Closing


Meetings are important – more important might be the outcome of meetings. These meeting’s results are summarized and described in minutes. Here are some of the experiences we’ve had over the past few years. Useful hints to make it better Reading the issues mentioned above, you will want to get… Read More »Minutes

The Project Plan

Last year, I was part of a project team with a somewhat chaotic and inexperienced project manager. The project plan was poor and consisted of an Excel sheet with the designation of the work packages, a list of the most important contents of the work packages, an indication of the… Read More »The Project Plan